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Why buy from us?

Rocky&Bud Dog Designs began in August 2014. Born from a dream of flashy, bright and vibrant collars that stand out in a crowd, offer excellent quality and are truly built to last.

We only use the best quality materials -strength and durability are just as important as style -that’s why we only use solid stainless steel or brass d-rings, o-rings and chains which ensure the fittings will not rust or degrade over time and have the strength to cope with the strongest of dogs.

Our collars and leads are all lined with the highest quality polypropylene cushioned webbing which ensures thickness and strength to last and are covered with only 100% cotton fabric.

All of our products are stitched using heavy-duty bonded nylon thread, which does not rot or fray over time -no matter what you put them through. The same thread used on boat sails!

When side-release buckles are used, we only use the strongest plastic available to us and in three years, we’ve never had one break!

If all of the above wasn’t enough, all our products are made to order and not mass-produced.

Talk about handmade!

We always strive to offer quality and style at an affordable price.

With lots of designs, fabrics and colours to choose from, you won't be disappointed!

In loving memory of Rocky and Buddy

The people behind Rocky & Bud


We are Lauren and Heather, we decided to start up Rocky & Bud back in 2014.


Lauren lives with her Parson Russell Terrier  'Skip' and her Working Cocker Spaniel 'Winnie'.


Heather lives with her partner, two children, horse 'Blue' and two dogs; Harley the American bulldog and Tigger the staffie mix.

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