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A Guide To All Our Different Styles and Fittings.

Are you unsure about the variety of styles we offer?
Overwhelmed by the choice of widths and what would work best for your dog?

At Rocky&Bud, we understand that preferences vary, and that collar options should never be generic when it comes to our beloved pooches. We're all individuals and our dogs are too.

That's why we let you take charge.
It's your dog 
after all

Here's our guide:

Standard Buckle.

This option is the most common worldwide. 

A side-release snap buckle, paired with a stainless steel d-ring and made to be adjustable. 

We only use the most durable plastic available to us.

It's offered in four widths (15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 40mm). For 

All collars will be made with a strong, durable black buckle as standard.

Upgrades are available to either silver or brass metal buckles for an extra charge.

House Collars.

House collars have no buckle, they slide over the dog's head and adjusted to fit.

Martingale Collar.

Tightens slightly when pulled, to prevent the dog slipping the collar.

All our martingales come with brass or silver fittings.


We only use stainless steel half check chains so they will not rust, become discoloured or snap as they age.

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